Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Goals for the Renewable Resources

List of Goals

Solar Energy Group
(Amber and Andrew)

Step 1 (completed by 9/15) - Research basic information on how solar energy works, how much room PV (Photovoltaic) panels take up, how much they cost to purchase and assemble along with how they are assembled, and how much energy they produce (in kilowatt-hours). Find out the amount of energy consumed by the school in both a school year and a full 12-month year (approximately 120 KWH). Compile this information in a journal or Microsoft Word document and calculate the area of PV panels we would need to generate the amount of electricity that the school uses and how much they would cost taking into consideration assembly. Also we’ll try to find out the size of the IDX roof and if there isn’t enough room we’ll look into what other buildings are available to use within the Champlain Valley.

Step 2 (for 9/22 or before October classes start) - Set up a proposal for IDX outlining all of our information: what is the overall goal of the VCS Commons Co-op and why are we trying to set up solar panels? Also we’ll be able to tell them how much room is required and the extent to which our project will affect their business if it does at all.

Step 3 (by 10/5) – Call IDX and set up a meeting with the manager then give the presentation (Amber, Andrew, Rob…?)

Step 4 – While we’re waiting to hear from the IDX representative we’ll begin researching ways to come up with the money to buy and set up our solar panels. We’ll decide what businesses are going to receive grant proposals and when we should send them. If IDX denies our proposal we’ll find another local business to ask for support.


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