Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An update from Frances and Michael on Ecological Restoration

Class: Research and Service
Teacher: Rob
Date: 1-8-05
Name: Michael Kidder
Assignment: Goals for Project

The first goal that Francis and I are trying accomplish over the next month is to first plan out how we are going to go about planting 2 or 3 thousand willow trees. (We need to find a suitable place.) We also want to create a list of instructions for planting willow trees.
Another goal we hope to accomplish in the near future is to assess the success of last spring's planting project. We hope to go back to the site, located on the Russell’s property, where we planted 1500 or 1600 saplings last school year. We will mark off a quarter of an acre, count the number of trees that survived and the number of trees that didn’t, and use that sample to help us to get an idea of how many more trees we have to plant to make up for the ones we lost.
Finally, we hope to transfer some of the same ideas for planting trees to reduce the carbon emission by ten percent to another country in order to spread the word about our work. We are currently looking at ongoing reforestation projects in Costa Rico.


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