Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What's Been Happening

As the semester has changed, and a new group has taken over control of the Commons Co-op, we have been very busy and unable to keep up with current updates on our blog. I have decided that a basic report on what has been happening would be helpful.
· The new group has adjusted to their positions now and we are starting to make a lot of progress with our business. Over the last month or so, the business development branch has sent out over 35 letters to local businesses asking for their participation. As we wait for responses, we are continuing to research and more prospect businesses.
· The group of three grant writers has continuously been revising the introductory letter and crafting it into top form. It has been changed over and over again and revised many times. It is very close to being finalized and ready to be sent out to foundations so that we are able to get a full time teacher for this course.
· There are quite a few business proposals that are in the process of being sent out to companies who have agreed to participate in the program. In the process we have been able to finalize a 100% carbon certification with Outdoor Gear Exchange (OGE's Website). They are our first carbon zero certified company and we are very happy to have their support
· Two students have been working on a letter to enter us in a conference and get our name out to the public. If it all works out, we will have a great time and be able to display our project on a larger scale. The conference is called Sustainability Consortium (http://www.solsustainability.org/index.htm).
· Coveris, a consulting company, has signed up to help with energy audits and introductions to other corporations. You can see more about their company at their Website. With their help and the continued hard work of all the students, we are continuing to make good progress and expand our company.

Climate Change Research

Stumbling around the Internet today, I found a great site that allows you to compute data on climate change while you aren’t using your computer. So when your computer would usually be showing a basic screensaver, you could be helping to process the climate information. Climate change and prediction is an issue of great importance. This web site is trying to produce a valuable forecast of the 21st century’s climate.
You can find out more at http://climateprediction.net/