Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kate Costello - Grant Writing

Kate Costello

During the past two weeks, we have sent out our first two grants. This is especially exciting for us, as we have been working hard on developing a boilerplate grant and customizing it for each individual foundation since the beginning of the semester.
We applied to the Merck Family Fund for a three year, twenty-five thousand dollar per year grant to cover the start up costs of the Carbon Zero Project. This is to cover a faculty salary as well as startup costs, phone, internet, stationary and envelopes, ect. These costs are presently incorporated into the school budget, but as we expand we would like to not be so dependent on the school. After this three-year period, we hope that our business will be self-sufficient and sustainable. We plan to impose a 1% surcharge to the companies’ cost for certification in order to pay for these expenses after this grant has expired. However, as we are a beginning company, it will be a while before we have gained enough momentum to pay for our expenses without the help of a grantor such as Merck.
Additionally, we have applied to the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation for a five thousand dollar grant to fund the creation and maintenance of a website for the Carbon Zero Project. This grant will allow us to hire a web designer for our much needed website. The creation of a website will allow us to establish a web-presence beyond that of this blog. It will allow prospective companies to learn more about our project and potentially request more information while featuring the companies that are already signed up, while being more formal than the blog. If you would like to read the Merck grant, it is provided below.


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