Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Christian Buck - Hydrocarbons

Christian Buck

Hydrocarbons are some of the most important and common chemicals in our world. They power our cars, economy and lives. Some commons hydrocarbons are methane, butane, octane, propane, and in many other forms[1]. Hydrocarbons are combinations of hydrogen and carbon that tend to be very explosive making them ideal for fuels of all sorts. They also are a source of energy that we depend on, which is becoming more expensive and difficult to obtain.
Since 1978 the price of gas as risen over two dollars[2]. It is becoming more difficult to drill oil. As we extract more oil we are allowing more fuels to be consumed. We also deplete our supply of natural gas, forcing us to do more to reach the oil. As it becomes harder to get fuel, the supply will not be able to match the demand and the product will be too expensive to afford. The world is going to have to find a way to survive when our cars, appliances, power plants, and everything requiring fuel looses its source of power.
We are living in a world that has a time limit. We cannot always rely on the same resource. If we want to continue life with fossil fuels, we have to come up with ways to avoid using up our valuable hydrocarbons.

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