Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Christian Buck - Plasma and Fusion

Christian Buck

Fusion power is a source of energy that could possibly replace gas and nuclear power plants. Rather than split an atom, fusion power combines atoms in a process that creates energy. Fusion power is what creates stars. Large amounts of plasma and energy are created, giving off extreme heat and energy. Humans have not yet harnessed this form of energy because our technology is not advanced enough. However as technology improves, we can look forward to having an infinite source of energy created from artificial suns.
Fusion power is literally a endless supply of power. The best way we can generate power at the moment is in giant magnetic fields using plasma. Plasma is sometimes described as the 4th state of matter. It consists of free moving ions and electrons[1]. To use fusion power we use electro-magnetic fields that conceal the plasma. Energy moves freely within the plasma, which is collected and stored.
Fusion energy is a very viable way we can provide energy in the future. We should consider it as a possible solution, and is probable that we will be able to create large amounts of this in the future.

I have included links that have more information on plasma and fusion energy:




[1] http://www.plasmas.org/what-are-plasmas.htm


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