Monday, March 14, 2005

Energy Audit by Efficiency Vermont

The Vermont Commons School has been given an energy audit by Efficiency Vermont with the hopes of conserving energy. The following is a list of the components that we at the school could or would eventually like to adjust. Hopefully with these improvements we will be able to reduce energy output. Thus, enabling us to make a profit as well as reducing our distribution of toxins into the environment.

Energy Conservation Ideas Suggested by Efficiently Vermont
Update Heat/Cooling System
1. Some of the heating and cooling equipment in the school is over 20 years old and would save energy if it was updated(This is not quite realistic for the project we are doing)
2. Install a insulated blanket on gas water heater improving its efficiency · Change the timers on the exhaust pipes so that the are not running continuously
3. Increase insulation in exterior walls and ceilings as well as heat distributing ducts in the attic so that less heat is lost
4. Seal potential air leak paths from the occupied spaces to the attic so that the warm air that is being brought into the occupied area is used fully(This is not quite realistic for the project we are doing)

Change certain bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs
1. Replace T-12 Ballasts Lamps with “Super T-8 technology.”
2. Replace Non-glare Fixtures in the student hall lensed fixture.
3. Change incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent.
4. Change the switching arrangement of some light fixtures to take advantage of use patters and daylight Install occupancy sensors in restrooms and offices. Train students and faculty to turn of light switches

written by Ian and Andrew


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Rob Skiff said...


Nice write up. I would like to know why you feel that some of the recommendations are unrealistic. Is it because of money or time? Remember to use a little more reason and logic.



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