Thursday, March 17, 2005

Information about Kyoto Protocol

Through a simple Google search, we were able to find 21 printed pages of the Kyoto Protocol. Through all of the mess called bureaucracy we found this:

  1. Several main countries agreed to lower their emissions levels to their 1990 levels.
  2. Companies who put pollution into the atmosphere are allowed a certain number of “emission reduction units”.
  3. Other companies are allowed to buy and sell these units to fit their pollution needs.
  4. Approved by 141 nations including entire European Union, but without the United States. Targets carbon dioxide (CO2) and five other gasses that cause global warming.
  5. No financial penalty to those countries who failed to meet the standards required by 2012.

Based on several different assumptions, President George W. Bush decided not to sign this treaty. Because of this, the United States has received fire from global environmental experts for this lack of action.
Even though our government hasn’t taken the hint, that doesn’t mean that the people of the United States can’t do something about the pollution of the earth we all share. Several organizations have risen to the challenge of unifying the country to lower it’s emissions.
One such organization is called the 10 Percent Challenge which helps area people to reduce their carbon dioxide levels by ten percent. This helps to fulfill the terms of the Kyoto treaty not signed by the United States.

By Roby


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