Friday, May 06, 2005

Letter to Parents

This letter was sent to the VCS community inviting them to participate in the tree planting. Frances is a 9th grader.

May 6, 2005

Dear VCS Parents:

On May 11th, The Vermont Commons School will travel to a property in Charlotte to plant 1,500 trees. This trip has been organized by the Commons Co-op: a Research and Service group made up of nine students from different grade levels and directed by Robert Skiff. The Co-op has spent the last trimester researching the school’s carbon emissions and coming up with a way to neutralize them. The amount of carbon that we produce is concerning because too much carbon contributes to pollution and depletion of the ozone layer.

After thoroughly researching all the possible solutions to our carbon output, the Co-op has singled out the best solution, carbon sequestration, and worked hard to begin the process. Carbon sequestration describes the planting of trees to neutralize as much carbon as the trees can absorb. As is commonly understood, carbon is an essential element to life. Therefore, if we plant enough trees, we can neutralize the school’s carbon emissions and work toward a greener, cleaner planet. The Co-op has done all the calculations and figured out that to neutralize our emissions for this year we need to plant approximately1,500 trees. A family from the school has agreed to let us plant the trees on their property in Charlotte. The school has decided to make this a project that the entire student body can participate in, and so all students will travel to the site on May 11th, and contribute their help. This way the planting will go much more quickly, and will be more fun for everyone. The day has been turned into a planting Fiesta. There will be food and music; fun is guaranteed. The Co-op would like to involve the VCS parents as well, so we are asking that any parent, who has the time, would come and join us to work on our worthy cause. There are a few items that each student will need to bring with them to school on the planting day: sunscreen, work gloves, sun glasses, extra clothes, hats, boots, a water bottle, snack and if possible a shovel.

The Commons Co-op has been working hard to get this to happen; the trees have been delivered, and before the planting day, our class will go and prepare the site, (marking with paint the exact place to plant each tree.) The planting day is approaching quickly though and we have just enough time to be ready to plant on Wednesday, May 11th. We hope to see you all there!

The Vermont Commons Co-op.


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