Sunday, April 03, 2005

Electricity Savings at VCS so far....

In this year so far we have lowered the energy use from last year a little bit. The years are split by three meters, downstairs, upstairs, and house. There is the total kwh use for each year. And for the number this year has used less than last year. There are also the days for that month on each of the sheets. The energy cost is made into an average per day. There is the monthly cost for each month in the sheets. The main thing that has changed is the energy used per day.

The amount for the money raised in some of the meters this year compared from last year to this year. The first meter the cost raise by over 1,000 dollars. The other two meters the cost lowered by at least 1,000 dollars. Overall it lowered for the kwh and it overall lowered for the cost of energy. For the kwh it lowered 15833 and it lowered 1200.09 for the cost.

So the turnout for last year compared to this year was a drop in the cost and hours used of kwh. This was a good saver for the schools energy use and cost. The amount decrease for two of the meters was a really good thing for the school to save our money. When we did the change for percentage it decreased the amount by 11.60%. And the hours decreased by a percent of 18.60%.

So the overall turnout was that the cost and the hours of kwh dropped. This turnout was very good for the energy saving for the Vermont Commons School.

By Joey 7th Grade


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