Thursday, March 24, 2005

Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont created a list of energy saving suggestions that we could improve on in the school. Some of these suggestions were out of the price range of the school, so we looked at the less expensive improvements that we could go out, purchase, and install. We surveyed the school for the lights that needed improvement and with this survey we were even able to make further improvements on top of what Efficiency Vermont had originally suggested (like eliminating too many lights in one area). After, we researched online for the prices and where we could buy this new energy saving equipment; which was primarily more energy efficient lighting items. Some of the items we found easily, others took extensive searching; we even needed to call the people at Efficiency Vermont for the location of one the new lighting items. From our research we came up with this list of minor changes in the schools lighting that would reduce electricity costs and would be inside the school’s price range. Eventually we found all the parts and with these small adjustments combined, such as changing incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, we are hoping save over approximately 8000 kWh per year.

List of More Efficient Lighting Suggestions

• Cost for replacing incandescent bulbs to lower watt usage with Compact fluorescent bulbs- (6-11) $8 ea. from home depot
• Cost of replacing T-12 ballasts with Super T-6 Technology$15-20 ea. from home depot
• Installing occupancy sensors that will shut lights off after certain amount of minuets of no motion for offices and bathrooms- $20 ea. from
• There are currently 26 non-glare fixtures that were used by a company that had occupants using computers under te lights when the school owned only half of our building. The solution is to replace 13-20 of those non-glare fixtures with lensed troffers which broadcast more light- $50 ea. = home depot


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