Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ecological Footprint

To undertake the task of cutting down a family’s carbon emissions, or that of a school, or even a business, it is important that the concept of the ecological footprint is understood all around. An understanding of the different aspects of this concept will allow future energy conservationists to pick out a solution to their individual problem. At the Vermont Commons School we have picked out a way to cut down our carbon emissions, through the concept of the ecological footprint.

The ecological footprint is just a term for the destructive impact humans have had on the planet. It is important to understand that before mankind was thrown into the ecosystem and began to pollute, the world had a stable system that functioned well. The 10% Challenge and the Carbon Emission Project are only a small component of the goal that environmentalists have set to decrease the impact of the ecological footprint.

Our plan is to calculate the carbon emissions at Vermont Commons. We are going to gather all of the information from our bills and input them into a carbon calculator found online. Right now we have people looking up the most efficient calculator and when we have all the info, we will use it. We plan to neutralize our carbon emissions by planting some trees on property provided by a parent at the school. We will also find out how many trees we need to plant, and the right kind of trees that absorb the most carbon.

This is only one part of our plan as we all agree that planting trees may not take up the total amount of carbon emissions at the school. New plans and actions that happen concerning this issue will posted in the next several weeks.


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